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Atre consultants have successfully provided services for many companies, from major corporations to medium sized businesses, across a variety of industries and in many states in the US as well as in many Countries Overseas. Ask Shaku says, "no matter what the industry, which the country or who the company, data is data". Below is a partial list of some of our clients.

Industry Clients

Financial Services/Insurance

Bank of America, MetLife, Citibank,  NY Life, CNA  Insurance Co., Barclays Bank of England, National Westminster Bank , U.K.,

Manufacturing & Distribution


Transportation & Hospitality

FedEx, LandStar


NY Telephone, Con Ed




Exxon, Kerr McGee Corp.


KQED, Time Warner, Unitab, Queensland, South Australia


Blue Cross Blue Shield  of New York


KPMG, Dun & Bradstreet Info Services, Shearman Sterling


FBI, Federal Reserve Bank of NY and of San Francisco, US Army, US Navy


IBM Corp, IBM Singapore, IBM Germany, IBM Malaysia, Texas Instruments, HP,  Actuate Corp , Oracle, Sybase, SAS, Cognos/IBM, SAS, Cincom,  Computer Associates,  Red Brick,  Business Objects/SAP


Abbott Laboratories, BASF, Dow Chemical, Exxon Chemicals


Technology Transfer Institute, Rome, Italy; Digital Consulting Institute(DCI), TDWI, Technology Transfer Institute, California, USA

Food & Beverages

Barilla, Parma, Italy; Coca Cola , Pepsi Cola

Here are some quotes from some of our very satisfied customers:

"Atre Group's expertise, consultants and Business Intelligence Methodology has provided the assistance and guidance we needed for our business intelligence and data warehouse project. The project directly impacts our revenue efforts and has become the basis for future business intelligence and performance monitoring projects. Not only did Atre Group provide tremendous guidance, but they also provided the training and the tools to allow us to gain practical knowledge and become self-sufficient in supporting the infrastructure."
- Edward Chen, Director, Information Technology, KQED

"As a multi-billion dollar company that has multiple data sources and BI initiatives, it was imperative for Landstar to have a single, integrated methodology for implementing enterprise wide Business Intelligence initiatives, where all decision-makers receive a single, integrated view of BI functionality ranging from ETL to scorecarding and reporting. Atre Business Intelligence methodology has provided us with the guidance and the tools to deliver consistent BI projects across the organization giving decision makers the information they need."
Bob Leo, Director, Data Management and Administration, Landstar System, Inc.

"The Web Seminar "Best Practices in Deploying Business Intelligence" delivered by Atre Group has proven to be a cost effective event that provided practical insight on BI to attendees and introduced Cognos to key IT executives and business decision makers who are evaluating their options for deploying BI solutions. Shaku Atre provided an informative and creative web seminar that mapped BI best practices to Cognos products."
- Mark Emond, Cognos

"Shaku Atre's thorough understanding of Business Intelligence is no surprise. Recognized as the "Mother of Business Intelligence" by many in the industry, she brings over 30 years of database, data warehouse and management experience to the BI space, offering unparalleled expertise and experience that has been fine-tuned over many years. Shaku is effectively able to guide clients through the BI maze to reach effective and enduring solutions that benefit the entire organization."
- Dennis Massengill, Deputy Chief Marketing Officer, SAS

"It was a pleasure and good fortune to work with professionals such as yourselves. I look forward to the day when our paths again cross. The quality and quantity of Atre Group’s consulting services were above reproach."
- James A. Brogan, CIO, Long Hill Farm

"Shaku has been working with Borland International for the past few years, specifically in the database area. We very much value her expertise in the database area. We value the input she has given us."
- Philippe Kahn, Chairman, President and CEO, Borland International

"Shaku, you are a credit to our industry and a model and exemplar for all of us. Thank you for all that you have done for Cincom and we look forward for many more opportunities for our mutual collaboration in the future."
- Thomas M. Nies, President, Cincom Systems, Inc.