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Program Guidance/Quality Assurance (QA)


In this service, Atre consultants provide guidance and oversight for planned or in process BI, DW, or MDM projects.  This includes assistance in setting up a program management office, developing the project plan, and conducting periodical program and projects reviews.


We first provide IQM education for the program/project teams and selected IT staff that supports the IQM areas.  We then review atre’s baseline project plan for DW, BI, and MDM projects with the project team for potential use on their project.  We also conduct a project assessment to better understand the project team’s strengths and weaknesses.  Finally, we prepare recommendations and mid-course correction for improving program success.

Business Results:

Our program guidance and quality assurance…

  • ensures successful delivery of program/project results
  • improves your program management capabilities and skills for managing projects
  • improves project execution and decision-making processes

What We Provide:

Atre provides our clients with a proven quality assurance process.  We also supply our web-based Program Management Assessment diagnostic tool to conduct an objective and independent review of the project structure and its current phase (e.g., if not begun, it will  be a project initiation review).  We supply templates for a project plan that can add value and unique perspective on critical activities for a successful BI, DW, and MDM project.  Finally, we supply senior level consultants who possess the expertise to guide the project to ensure success.

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