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Product Selection/Architecture Refinement


In this service, Atre consultants facilitate the development of a more effective IQM/Data Architecture, including the selection of products required to support the IQM process and provide the optimal toolset to support reporting and analytics.

We find that many companies have numerous tools for data warehousing, extract/ transform,/load (ETL), data cleansing, analytics, and query/reporting. This results in excessive acquisition and maintenance costs, a more complex environment to support and maintain, very little sense of direction, and conflicting signals at best.


We review your existing enterprise architecture, focusing on data and application architectures. We take an inventory of all existing products (data warehouse, data marts, BI, reporting, analytics, ETL, etc.), and review any in-process or planned DW/BI initiatives. Then we define your business goals for improved information delivery.  Based on this information and our IQM assessment we work with our clients to determine which products should be retained, which should be replaced, which new products should be acquired, and which products should be retired. We then facilitate the acquisition of new products upon your approval. Finally, we update the enterprise architecture (primarily data) to reflect the use and positioning of the new products.

Business Results:

Our product selection and architecture refinement…

  • provides a clear inventory of existing DW,BI, and MDM products and their usage and current value to the organization.
  • delivers a streamlined data/BI architecture that is easier and less expensive to support
  • improves user satisfaction with the reporting and analysis products

What We Provide:

Atre provides our clients with templates for a product inventory, product selection criteria, and project review. We supply our web-based IQM Assessment diagnostic tool to conduct an objective review of your DW, BI, and MDM products.  We also have a proven enterprise architecture framework that guides the architecture refinement. Our knowledge and experience with the leading products facilitates this process and provides useful and objective input to the selection process.

We also provide an objective and independent review of your existing environment and  product inventory, since we have no bias for any products. We have no “Trojan Horses” as a software vendor typically may have.
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