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Master Data Management (MDM)/Data Governance(DG) Design


In this service, Atre consultants help our clients design an effective MDM environment and Data Governance process, including MDM processes, tools, and organizational support.  We believe that MDM is an essential foundation for quality information management, business intelligence, and data warehousing.  We also believe that without effective Data Governance, any IQM-related initiatives will fail.  As we always say “ Data sits at the bottom of almost every implementation. And dirt collects at the bottom. If it is not cleaned it calls for a disaster!”


We first provide IQM education for selected data management staff and business managers on the purpose, concepts, and dimensions of MDM.  We conduct our IQM assessment and review strengths and weaknesses related to MDM and Data Governance.  Then we work with our clients to design an effective MDM environment and Data Governance process focusing on processes, policies, data ownership, and support structures.

Business Results:

Our MDM/DG design service…

  • improves data quality and consistency throughout the organization
  • elevates management attention to the value and need to manage information quality
  • clarifies roles and responsibilities for IT and business functions in managing data and establishes accountabilities

What We Provide:

Atre provides our clients with a proven data management/information quality process.  We apply our web-based IQM Assessment diagnostic tool to conduct an objective and independent review of information quality throughout your organization.  We also provide our proven frameworks for MDM and Data Governance.  Finally, we supply senior level consultants who possess the expertise in managing data and information quality.