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Take the Information Quality Management Self Assessment

IQM Current State Assessment in your Organization


In this service, Atre consultants conduct a complete assessment of your IQM environment and capabilities, including:

  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and its Business Value
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Data warehousing Implementation and Usage
  • Master Data Management (MDM) and its Impact on Information Quality
  • Data Architecture as a Solid Foundation for Business Processes

Our assessment includes a review from both business and IT perspectives, an inventory of IQM components that currently exist in your organization, an IQM operational review, and an assessment of your solution delivery/application development processes. We pinpoint the “pain points” of your information delivery processes and provide recommendations to alleviate the “pain”.


We work with our clients to tailor the assessment to their needs and to determine the scope and focus of the assessment.  The assessment typically takes 2-3 business weeks, starting with a few days for on-site reviews including interviews with selected business and IT managers, as well as key users and developers. 

We distinguish various types of users starting with “Power Users” to the “users in the trenches”. We then review and analyze the results and develop an assessment report that we present to IT management, including recommendations for improving information quality and timeliness. If IT management wishes so, we can present the results to key business managers jointly with IT.

Business Results:

Our IQM assessment…

  • improves credibility of the IT function and  aligns expectations with the business users
  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for corrective action.
  • provides a solid baseline for continuous improvement and guides you to where you need to focus now and longer term.
  • can deliver increased revenue, profit, savings, market share, and customer satisfaction

What We Provide:

Atre provides our clients with a proven assessment process and web-based diagnostic IQM Assessment tool.  We also provide an objective and independent review of your organization, since we have no products to sell.  We are a vendor and product  independent consulting company.  The only interest we have is your organization’s performance with providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time. Our assessment analyzes your IQM environment and provides an understanding of how you fit in relation to best practices and in your industry at large vis-a-vis information quality management.  And most importantly, we provide the expertise in all facets of IQM to give our clients guidance at every step of the process that will assist them in improving information quality and usage throughout their organization.

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